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Movies under the stars

Movies under the stars

Enjoy the outdoor cinema this summer taking advantage of the good temperature that Madrid offers at night. Here you have the list of the top 5 outdoors cinemas in Madrid so you won’t miss anything!

La Casa Encendida

This place always offers culture activities, and every summer in its terrace –called La Terraza Magnética– you can go to concerts and movie screenings. Sundays are for concerts, and Saturday nights, for movies; this summer, they feature a film series which epicenter is the party, every type, any time. With the slogan “Enter the Party zone!” they present the program you can check here.

Glass Galery in Palacio de Cibeles

Until the 7th of September, we will enjoy the movies in Cibeles, where we will be able to watch movies like La La Land, The Imitation Game or Un monstruo viene a verme (A monster calls). You can purchase the tickets from the website, and also check the movies they will be screening. 

Cine in the Park

Every Saturday night, the Tierno Galván Park will welcome you with movies and food trucks! The best plan: Getting there soon –they open at 20:00 h– so you can grab something to eat, then watch the movie and then enjoy the park until 1 am with some drinks. You can get the tickets directly on the website, where they show the schedules and movies. 


In the Parque de la Bombilla (‘lightbulb park’ in English), they screen movies from 22 h so you can enjoy the fresh environment of the park while watching titles like La La Land, Logan, Beauty and the Beast or Hidden Figures. You can get the tickets on the same day, from 21:00 h. The price is 6€, 5€ if you have the youth card, or if you like the plan there’s also a 10-sessions ticket that costs 54€. You can check the movies and dates here

Autocines Madrid

It’s not just an outdoor cinema but a drive-in cinema, so it has to be on our list! If you have your car here, don’t hesitate to stop by this summer nights to feel like Danny and Sandy in Grease. You can check the movies here