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The best places to have an ice cream in Madrid

The best places to have an ice cream in Madrid

It's ice cream time! With this heat that suddenly arrived at the city these days, all we want is holidays, sun, pools and ice creams! Unfortunately, it’s not time for summer vacations yet, but Madrid has some amazing places for enjoying the best ice creams. Don’t miss our favorites!


These ice creams reflect your personality. “How is that possible? If they don’t even know me” you would probably say; easy! You can customize the flavor you want and they make the mix for you over a -20ºC granite chip, so every single ice cream is unique! This is the result:


Image credits:@papilaseuropeas


In Spain, “los hermanos Roca” (Roca brothers in English) are well-known chefs as their restaurant “el Celer de Can Roca” has been recognized as the best restaurant in the world, and proudly owns 3 Michelin stars. They are also the creators of this ice cream store, Rocambolesc, where you can try one of this magnificent hot and cold ice creams! You first choose the flavor, then the toppings, they put everything inside of this bun and then toast it. The result will make you want to die:

 Image credits:@rrrocambolesc


Following the style –and gaining some weight in the process- we get to Creamies, this marvelous donuts filled with ice cream. First of all, you need to take the decision –we know it’s hard, but we believe in you–: what would you choose, cookies or donuts? Then you need to choose one ice cream flavor and then one topic. Here you have it!:

Image credits: @brittsboardingpass

La Romana

Coming back to the classic ice cream world, let me recommend you our favorite Italian style ice creams. Nothing special or fancy, but traditional and unique! Here you will find the best flavors that will take you directly to Italy. Here you have the proof:

Image credits:@gelaterialaromana_es


And last but not least, a classic in Malasaña’s neighborhood: Lolo, a cute pink store where you can buy homemade popsicles. Lolo started in 2015 and the popularity start rising until, when they have several stores and they even have delivery service! But this is my personal advice: don’t miss the stores, they’re the most Instagramable thing in the world!

Image credits:@lolo_polos